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Dancehall Nation is an American entertainment company founded by Peter Gracey. The company has offices in Florida, Los Angeles and Jamaica.  The full-service entertainment company houses a record label, talent  agency, touring and concert production company, music, film,  philanthropy and other business activities. 

Dancehall Nation Currently owns - IRIE.FM, DANCEHALL.FM, DANCEHALLDJS.COM, DANCEHALLTODIWORLD.COM, PALMBEACHNETWORK.COM and has partnered with other major companies to promote the best interest of dancehall music.

About Peter Gracey 

Peter Gracey (born March 24, 1970), known professionally as Peter Gracey, is a Jamaican entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, and entertainment executive. Considered among his peers as one of the most creative minds in the industry.

Born and raised in (Waterhouse) Kingston, Jamaica, Peter Gracey first began his musical career after signing  with the reggae label, New Name Music in Kingston Jamaica. He has gone onto release  multiple albums, and singles of which most were written and produced by him.

Outside of his musical career, Peter Gracey has also attained  significant success and media attention for his career as a businessman.  In 2016, he was named Executive Director of the People Profile Organization, a Florida Non-Profit who recognizes and award Ordinary People who have overcame extraordinary obstacles in their lives. In just one short year, Peter Gracey was promoted as the Vice President of the said company. The People Profile Awards is held in South Florida in the summer of each year and has recognized notables such as Melba Moore, Les Brown, Stone Love, Dywane Wade (Miami Heat), King Yellowman, Papa Michigan, Tanto Metro and Devonte and many others.

Trademarked the slogan "Dancehall To Di World" Peter founded the clothing line "Dancehall To The World" and in 2019, he also created the top branded online radio dancehall/reggae station Dancehall.FM. 


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